The Boys In Green – Irish Junior Open Team Reach European Final.

The Ireland u20s men’s team have reached the finals of euros. This is the second Irish ultimate team to reach a final in a major tournament. The squad is full of players coached by UCC students and Alumni. There are also two players from our intervarsity winning team; Timothy Peters and Sean Cahill. Sean Cahill is the teams D-line vice-captain and was notably awarded fresher of the year by the clubs exec.

A large part of UCC Ultimate is our schools program. We organise our players and volunteering alumni to go out to schools coaching. We have the likes of Leanne O’Neill, Micheal MacCraith and Donal Murray to thank for the growth and current strength of youth players from Cork who are now making Junior Ireland squads and coming into UCC intervarsity winning sides. Many of the more experienced players on this squad also will have John Doherty to thank, who was the Ireland men’s u20 coach between 2013-2015. He has a great connection to this team and the team has continued to bring his mentality foreword with big smiles and huge celebrations including a call out by Timothy Peters upon catching a score against Czech Republic in the quarter final sporting John’s signature celebration. John Doherty was UCCs club person of the year in 2013 and has recently completed his first season as Irelands first professional Ultimate Frisbee player making the trip across the pond playing for Seattle.

Tomorrow at 12noon Irish time the Juniors will take on the Italians in what will be a heated and passionate match up. Us here in Cork will be following closely, to not only Tim and Sean but, to all 10 players on the squad that began their playing of Ultimate under UCC Ultimate’s schools program. You will be able to watch the game live at

They may not be the first Irish team to reach a final but they could still be the first to come home with gold. Either way, they have put their names in as the most successful Ireland men’s u20s team ever and will come home as heroes. We can’t wait to see you guys play, we will be cheering from here and can’t wait to welcome you home!

Written by Andrew McGovern