8 Reasons You Should Join UCC Ultimate

Here are just some of the many reasons why UCC Ultimate is THE club to join!


Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most beginner-friendly sports you’ll ever find – there isn’t a more fun-loving, spirited and encouraging community than Ultimate.

A stand-out feature of the club is the openness and accepting nature of its members, especially to first-years and new members. We pride ourselves on being a club where you are not only guaranteed to learn a new and exciting sport, but make new friends for life.


Ultimate Frisbee is a versatile sport – played over different divisions, on different surfaces, so you’re sure to find something you like.

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Besides competing at varsity level, many of our members also compete at All-Ireland Championships with other clubs like Rebel (Cork) and Ballincollig (Cork).


Ultimate Frisbee is a highly athletic sport, combining the non-stop movement and endurance of soccer, the agility of basketball, the aerial passing and team tactics of American Football, and the constant, manic action of hurling.

Stick with us and you’ll be doing cool things in no time. Spicy throws, incredible jumps, layouts, insane Ds – and looking good while you’re at it.


Ever dream of calling yourself an international athlete?

Every year members of UCC Ultimate join the ranks of the Irish national teams, competing at European and World Championships in places like Germany, Italy and Canada.


Join us if you want to be a winner.

Ultimate at UCC is one of the largest student run clubs and also one of the most successful. This success stretches back across the years and has given us a reputation as the team to beat in Ireland. In the past year we dominated across all three divisions, winning nearly every intervarsities title. Notably, our ladies side has swept both Indoor and Outdoor IVs for five years running.


Look badass in UCC’s iconic skull and crossbones.


At UCC Ultimate, we pride ourselves on being able to balance work and play, while maintaining a highly competitive spirit. We are one of the most socially active sports clubs, with gatherings every other week, a big Christmas party at the end of the year, and did we mention that some tournaments have costume parties??


Finger guns cuz finger guns. Need we say more?