Ladies indoor Intervarsities

The ladies of UCC headed off to Dublin bright and early saturday morning to play their second intervarsities of the season. Not only were UCC the only college to send three teams but they had the highest finishing second team and the highest finishing team overall, meaning they came home with gold for the fifth year in a row. The only ever college to do this. UCC 1 also won the highly acclaimed spirit award. Weeks of 7am trainings definitely paid off.

After being faced with some unfortunate news on the Friday night that one of our players was injured and therefore would not be able to partake in the tournament, UCC 1 were slightly rattled lining out with just 7 players (few of which had a clean bill of health) for the day. For our first three groups games we wanted to focus on finding our feet, getting used to playing with one another in different roles and getting used to playing on the new pitch sizes. After winning all of our group games against MU2, UL2 and DCU we progressed to the quarter final stages where we faced none other than our own UCC2. We knew going into this match that we would have to step up our game considerably. After training with this team for a number of weeks we knew what they were capable of and after watching them play throughout the day we knew we would have our work cut out for us! Both teams came out fighting and it made for a very intense and enjoyable game. Both teams traded for a number of points but in the end it was UCC1 who broke away and came out on top. It’s always hard to have to play against your own college, particularly at such a crucial knockout stage, but we were glad of the high calibre game that UCC 2 gave us as we were now well set to take on Trinity 1 in the semi finals. We were very happy with our quarter final performance and so we started off our semi final with a little more confidence than we had been previously showing. Trinity 1 were also on a high after an impressive win against NUIG1 which knocked them out of the top four bracket. Both teams were really gunning for that highly coveted spot in the 2016 final. The semi final was a well spirited and overall great game of high quality ultimate. Both teams were evenly matched but after a very strong start it was UCC1 who came away with the win after stepping up their game even further from the quarter finals. Well done to Trinity 1 for taking 3rd place! UCC 1 had made it to the final of Ladies INdoor Intervarsities. Already, we were thrilled with this achievement but we wanted to take it even further. The final was without a doubt the most intense game we had ever played as a team. We faced a very strong and athletic UL 1 team who had come together very well as a team over the course of the day. Both teams traded for the first few points and nothing was given away easily. Every score was fought for with such want and intensity and it really showcased the improvement in women’s ultimate over the past few years. In the end it was UCC1 who emerged as eventual winners for what was to be the fifth time in a row! We want to thank UL 1 for such a great final, many spectators and players remarked that it was without a doubt the best Ladies IVs final they had ever seen!

UCC 15 – MU2
UCC 11 – 6 UL2
UCC 10 – 9 DCU
UCC1. 12 – 8 UCC2
UCC 9 – 4 TCD 1
UCC 11 – 7 UL 1

MVP: Emma Healy
MSP: Caitlin Looney



UCC2 were very pleased with their performance, finishing up as the highest placing second team. They took second place in their pool, losing narrowly to UCD1 in a tight game, leading to a pre-quarter final against UL2. Having lost to UL2 in last year’s IV’s, UCC were keen to prove themselves, which they did with a dominant display. They faced UCC1 in the quarter final, going into the game with a nothing-to-lose attitude. The intensity paid off, keeping up with the friendly opposition for most of the game, before UCC1 pulled away towards the end. After the quarter final it was straight into the 5th-8th place bracket, without a break. NUIG1 were able to take advantage of the tired legs, with a very tight game ending with NUIG ahead by two. The last game of the day was against UCD2. UCC2 showed their strength and proved their position as the top second team, taking the lead to double digits. Though moments in the day showed UCC2 had the talent to break into an even higher position, the 7th place finish was a proud achievement for the team.
Score List:

MVP: Eimear Keyes
MSP: Aisling O’Sullivan

> UCC2 7 – 3 DIT
> UCC2 5 – 8 UCD1
> UCC2 15 – 3 UL2
> UCC2 8 – 12 UCC1
> UCC2 7 – 9 NUIG1
> UCC2 13 – 2 UCD2



In the first match UCC3 were finding their feet. It was the first time that some of these girls had played together so it was a tough first match going against an experienced team such as NUIG1. There was an evident improvement in the second match against another experienced team, MU2. The handling of the Frisbee improved and calls were made. 2 points were scored in the third match and the girls worked well together. It was a high intensity match. After lunch, UCC3 played against a high-levelled NUIG2 (ineligible team). UCC3 kept with the intensity throughout the whole game. Last game of the day was against MU2. Although both teams were mostly beginners, this match turned out to be really intense. With their best offence of the day, UCC3 managed to score twice but ended up losing to MU2. UCC3 finished the tournament in 14th place.

MVP: Jerusha John
MSP: Elisa Ndiaye

Score List:
UCC3 0 – 15 NUIG1
UCC3 0 – 11 MU1
UCC3 2 – 11 UCD2
UCC3 15 – 0 NUIG2
UCC3 2 – 13 MU2


Thanks DCU for hosting the tournament and to UL for such a fantastic final.

All the girls