Open Indoor IVs 2018 Champions

Open Indoor IVs 2018 Champions!


Last weekend we sent 3 teams up to the University
of Limerick to compete in Open Indoors, marking
the end of a rather late indoor season. What better
way to finish than with a win??


Final placing: CHAMPIONS

MVP: Colin Feely
MSP: Ben Noonan

Over the last 3 years, UCC have made 3 Indoors finals and come away with 3 silver finishes. This year we finally struck gold! 

A few words from the Captain, Colin Feely:

“UCC 1 came into the tournament as 2nd seed. After losing 3 finals in the past 3 years, this team were only ever aiming for that 1st place finish. The initial pool consisted of UCC, UCD, DCU, and TCD 2; all of which the team beat in some very enjoyable and well spirited games. UCC 1 finished Saturday holding onto 2nd seed and going straight into the quarters. Here they faced UCC 2 on Sunday morning. The outcome was as expected with UCC 1 coming out on top but the 2nd team gave them a lot to work on. The semi final was a rematch of last years gold medal game. UCC vs Trinity. It was a tight game with many plays and very little room for error. A late surge from UCC saw them into the final with a final score of 13-11.

The final was a rematch of UCC 1’s pool game against DCU. The team game out strong and fast with some clean offense and well earned blocks. As the game continued DCU began to rise to the challenge and a real battle for gold was waged. Luckily, UCC were able to remain composed and finish it out with a 19-14 win to take home the trophy.”


UCC 1 v TCD 2 20-6
UCC 1 v DCU 1 14-11
UCC 1 v UCD 1 14-6
UCC 1 v UCC 2 19-9
UCC 1 v TCD 1 13-11
UCC 1 v DCU 1 19-14




Final placing: 8th

MVP: Tim Neville
MSP: Frieder Frühling

Despite unfortunately being knocked out in the semifinal by fellow team UCC 1 and losing some tight games on Sunday, UCC 2 finished in a very respectable 8th place. That’s 2 UCC teams in the Top 8!

A few words from the Vice Captain, David O’Shea:

“Despite a mix up in starting time UCC arrived in UL fresh and ready. UCC 2 first played host team Limerick and we knew we had a mountain to climb as UL had the height and experience advantage. we played our hearts out and were very happy with how we played, despite the loss. Next up we had last year’s champs, trinity. Knowing that they would be strong opponents we gave it our all but unfortunately they out played us at every turn, but still we were confident with how we were playing and getting better and gelling as a team. Next up we had the experienced NUIG. The patience and experience of NUIG proved too much for us as we finished last in our group and would face group D winners DIT in a crossover.

Having now played three matches together ewe were quietly confident about out chances as we prepared for the game. The game started tight but eventually we managed to get a break or two and give ourselves a bit of breathing room, despite this DIT never let up and the game was intense until the final point was scored. With this win under our belt we had a quarter final spot secured on Sunday morning… against UCC 1.

Both UCC teams lined up early Sunday morning. Despite who we were playing we were intent on playing our best and not letting our opponents affect how we play. Although the result was as everyone expected we still managed to score 9 points against our first team, showing just how far was come as a team from Saturday. Now relegated to the 5-8 brackets we faced two tough games against trinity 2 and Maynooth for final placement. Two very tight games that unfortunately weren’t within our grasp and we finished the weekend in 8th position, however we were more than happy with a top 8 finish.”


UCC 2 v UL 1 5-17
UCC 2 v TCD 1 6-14
UCC 2 v NUIG 1 9-14
UCC 2 v UCC 1 9-19
UCC 2 v TCD 2 7-12
UCC 2 v MU 8-13




Final placing: 14th

MVP: Lev Udaltsov
MSP: Pádraig McAuliffe

UCC 3 consisted of mostly developmental players. They started off the tournament seeded 16th and managed to beat their seeding by 2, finishing 14th.

A few words from the Captain, Pádraig McAuliffe:

“We were a team of mostly beginners, with a few experienced players, so really our goal was just to get some experience playing high level ultimate. We started off a bit slow but by the end of the tournament we had all gained a lot more confidence in our indoor abilities. We managed to beat our seeding, and improved a lot over the weekend, so all in all it was a great success.”


UCC 3 v UCD 2 0-18
UCC 3 v UCD 3 12-7
UCC 3 v DIT 6-16
UCC 3 v UL 2 8-12
UCC 3 v TCD 4 13-9
UCC 3 v UCD 2 6-13


Well done lads! Find more photos here on UL’s album: