Women’s Outdoor IVs Champions


7/4/2018 | UCC have pulled off a historic

6th win in a row at Women’s Outdoor




Final placing: CHAMPIONS & Spirit Winners

MVP of the Final: Caitlin Looney
MVP & MSP: Everyone?

An outstanding performance from the team – UCC 1 gave a dominant display from the very start of the day, showing incredible team chemistry and using clinical offence to their advantage. The team conceded a mere 9 points in the 5 games they played. Despite a drastic change in the first team’s line-up following the loss of many key players over the last 2 years, the team’s inexperience was not apparent. The team remained unfazed even in the face of player injuries and the heavy downpour to take the win against Trinity in the final, extending UCC’s reign over Ladies Outdoors to 6 years running! AND they won Spirit to boot!


UCC 1 v UL 13-0
UCC 1 v TCD 2 13-1
UCC 1 v DCU 11-3
UCC 1 v UCD 11-1
UCC 1 v TCD 1 8-4




Final placing: 7th

MVP: Saoirse O’Sullivan
MSP: Lauren Walsh

UCC 2 also did us proud, being the only fully developmental team in the tournament. They really put it up to the other, more experienced teams and managed to beat their seeding by 2! The highlight was no doubt beating Trinity 2, the only other second team in the tournament, in their final game.

A few words from the Captain, Anna Farrell:

“UCC 2 entered Women’s IVs as a developmental team, but the standard of the beginners was so high that it was hard to tell from their performance. We had a rough beginning with our first match against UCD, resulting in our lowest score of the day. However it gave us a good opportunity to see what was working for us as a team, and try out a few different plays. If anything at least it gave us a good warm up! We then went straight into our next match against NUIG where we started to get into the swing of it, and started scoring, which was a great morale boost. By the time we had our third match against DCU, we could already see an incredible improvement from our first game, and we were starting to gel much better as a team. There were multiple points where we scored with every girl having touched the disc at least once, and it was amazing to see the whole team working together and playing as equals. We then had a long break before our game against UL, where the exhaustion from the early morning start and the first few games started to set in. We struggled to maintain the energy and enthusiasm in our playing, especially with the humidity, but with the support from the first team on the sideline we pushed through and finished with a score we were proud of.

We then went straight into our final game of the day against TCD2, playing for 7th place. We tried to go into the game with a fresh mindset, determined to put everything we had learned throughout the day into practice and show everyone what we could do. It was a tense game with some very long points, but the whole team put their best effort in and gave everything they had, and it really came through in our performance. We finally finished 8-5 to UCC, and we were absolutely thrilled. It really ended the day on a high note, and it felt amazing to have the proof of our improvement from the first game to the last. Every single girl on the team should feel so proud of how she played, and they deserved to see all their hard work from the season paying off.”


UCC 2 v UCD 0-13
UCC 2 v NUIG 1-13
UCC 2 v DCU 3-12
UCC 2 v UL 13-0
UCC 2 v TCD 2 8-5