Trinity Tea Party 2018

07/10/2018 | Our beginners killed it at their first ever tournament – Trinity Tea Party, a beginner-centred tournament held in Trinity College Dublin.

On Sunday the 7th of October UCC Ultimate Frisbee attended Trinity Tea Party, a beginner tournament aimed
at introducing beginners to the sport and getting them playing in a competitive environment. After a strong recruitment drive this year we sent three teams up to Dublin, two in the men’s division and one in the women’s division.

UCC 1 – Open

Final placing: Runners-up

MVP: Luke Tynan

UCC 1 went undefeated in their 3 group games and went into their semifinal feeling very confident they could and would go all the way. In a last-minute buzzer beating moment, UCC 1 ended the game one point up and secured their spot in the final versus tournament hosts Trinity College Dublin. TCD started off strong taking an early three-point lead. However, the UCC lads settled and brought it back to only one point. The two teams traded for the rest of the game up until the final point. Unfortunately, UCC 1 were unable to slot it in and TCD capitalised to finish the game 6-4, leaving UCC 1 to settle with the silver medal spot.


UCC 1 (O) v UL 13-0
UCC 1 (O) v TCD 2 13-1
UCC 1 (O) v DCU 11-3
UCC 1 (O) v UCD 11-1
UCC 1 (O) v TCD 1 8-4


UCC 2 – Open

Final placing: 14th

MVP: Lee Bolger


UCC 2 played three group games, coming away with a win and two losses, leaving them in a three-way tie
for second place in the group. Unfortunately, due to point difference our boys missed out on a top 8
spot. Despite that our lads held their heads up and came out of their final game with a win, finishing
out the day in 14th place.


UCC 2 (O) v UCD 0-13
UCC 2 (O) v NUIG 1-13
UCC 2 (O) v DCU 3-12
UCC 2 (O) v UL 13-0
UCC 2 (O) v TCD 2 8-5


UCC – Women’s

Final placing: 3rd & Spirit Winners

MVP: Allie Holmes
MSP: Maeve O’Sullivan
A-Game: Allie Holmes

Kicking off with an early start Sunday our girls had to play the other 4 women’s teams in a round robin styled tournament in hopes of taking the coveted top spot. Finishing the tournament with a very respectable 2 wins and 2 losses the Women took home third place. As Ultimate Frisbee is self-refereed, Spirit of the Game is integral part of our sport. After each game the team rates the opposition on spirit and gives them a score. Our women’s team demonstrated that they are not only more than capable of winning on the pitch, coming away with the overall Most Spirited Team at the tournament!


UCC (W) v TCD 5-2
UCC (W) v NUIG 2 2-9
UCC (W) v UL 13-0
UCC (W) v UCD 4-6



Written by David O’Shea