Mixed Indoor IVs 2018


27-28/10/2018 | 3 teams sent to Galway for Mixed Indoor IVs, with 2 coming away in the Top 8!



Final placing: 5th & Spirit Winners

Male MVP: Andrew McGovern
Female MVP: Louise Coombes
Male MSP: Josh McMahon
Female MSP: Anna Farrell


With the main force of our Women’s side away for European Beach Ultimate Club Championships (EBUCC 2018) in Barcelona, we sent a relatively depleted first team to the tournament. UCC 1 had a tough weekend having drawn a difficult pool with DCU, TCD and NUIG, all of whom finished in the Top 4. The team played many highly competitive and challenging games, taking more than half them to universe point. Unfortunately more often than not UCC 1 were unable to capitalise on the final point, resulting in a few narrow losses. This cost the team especially in the quarterfinals, where they were knocked out by UL 1 on universe. The team were disappointed with the result but they held their heads high and were able to finish strong to hold seed at 5th, and also won Spirit!


UCC 1 v NUIG 10-9
UCC 1 v TCD 1 10-13
UCC 1 v DCU 9-10
UCC 1 v UCC 3 12-4
UCC 1 v UL 7-8
UCC 1 v UCD 1 10-9
UCC 1 v MU 1 8-5



Final placing: 8th

Male MVP: Tim Neville
Female MVP: Meghan Choy
Male MSP: Tim Neville
Female MSP: Ellen Murphy


UCC 2 did us proud by finishing as the only 2nd team in the Top 8! The team were a class above other 2nd teams, able to hold their own against first teams from other colleges. UCC 2 started off strong, pulling off a surprise upset on UCD 1 who were top of their pool. Despite losing their next 2 pool games, they were able to finish the Saturday in 6th seed, up 2 seeds from the start. The next day however, a loss to DCU in the quarterfinals put them out of the running for a Top 4 finish. UCC 2 really gelled throughout the tournament, and even though they were unable to hold on to 6th seed, they put up some spectacular displays and surprised even first teams with their intensity! The team finished 8th, holding seed.



UCC 2 v UCD 1 12-9
UCC 2 v UL 6-10
UCC 2 v MU 1 4-9
UCC 2 v TCD 2 11-5
UCC 2 v DCU 7-13
UCC 2 v MU 1 8-12
UCC 2 v UCD 1 6-9



Final placing: 12th

Male MVP: Jordan Knitzer
Female MVP: Marleen de Bruin
Male MSP: Max Philpott
Female MSP: Claire Roche


UCC 3 was made up of mostly beginners. Despite their inexperience, the team managed to pull off a few wins and finished in a very respectable 12th place, beating their seeding by 1 and ahead of even some 2nd teams! They learned loads from the tournament and we can see so much potential to come. That’s 3 teams in the Top 12 – WOO!


UCC 3 v UCD 4 11-6
UCC 3 v UCD 2 6-13
UCC 3 v UCC 1 4-12
UCC 3 v MU 2 10-2
UCC 3 v DIT 2-8
UCC 3 v UCD 2 3-7


UCC 3 @ Mixed Indoor IVs 2018


Huge thank you to NUIG for a very well-run tournament, we all had a fantastic time!