Caitlin Looney

Position: Mixed Team Captain

Groups: Committee, Committee 2016/17, Womens,

Height: 5' 6"


Theme song(s):

Jump on it

Favourite game playing for UCC:

Favourite game so far with UCC was our Indoor Mixed Semi Final against UL. Really intense game!

Favourite game on a different team:

All our games at Tour 3 with Rebel this year!

Ultimate players who’ve had the biggest impact on you:

Richard Hobson hands down had the biggest impact on me as a player. His enthuasiasm and perseverance with womens ultimate at a junior level never ceased to amaze me. He moulded me into the cutter I am and I’m very grateful for that. Another person who’s up there with his standard of high level coaching is Matthew Feely. Looking forward to being coached by him again in the coming year!

Funniest moment(s) with the team:

Every training always has some form of good humor to it. But I think Ben being unknowingly innappropriate infront of my mother at Mixed Indoors was the the best so far!

Favourite tournament and why?

Favourite tournament was All Irelands 2014. We may not have won. But there’s only two outcomes. Winning or learning ( thanks Aine :P). I have never been so proud to be on a team.

What makes you so dangerous on the pitch?

Ehm I like getting the disc alot so I tend to always be in the way.

College course:

Biological Sciences

How and why did you start playing ultimate?

I started playing Ultimate in Transition Year in Secondary School all thanks to Leanne dragging me down to training. Best decision. After that Richard Hobson kept me playing with his coaching in Colaiste Choilm and again with the Junior Women 🙂

What would you be doing if you weren’t playing ultimate?

If I wasn’t playing Ultimate I’d be dancing badly to some 90’s hits!

Tell us something no one knows about you.

I’ve read all the Harry Potter books about a zillion times……

Tell us a joke!

Here’s one for you Leanne!

I opened this ‘google form’ all by myself.